One of the most difficult things in life is identifying a moment. I mean the actual acknowledgement of a moment. An event that one day you’ll one day recognize was significant. Usually we don’t think about moments until we’re looking back and filled with nostalgia about yesteryear.

So, when opting to start an indie label named after my defunct record store, Sounds Familiar, it felt like a casual calling. We ain’t have no money. No major label cred. No L.A. Reid. Just a small apartment on Maple St. and enough money to get a few CDs pressed. Since that time, life got in the way. I have a grandmother that’s been ailing, a special needs sister that needs care and an ambition that isn’t matched by a bank account. In the end music suffers. It’s hard to be in the studio when you’re trying to pay rent. It’s hard to be creative when you’re working.

But now I know those are excuses because the creating is the work. The studio is how I’m gonna pay rent. So, now I feel that there’s a moment. I know I haven’t operated like a label, which I’m glad I’ve worked mostly with friends because if Russell Simmons didn’t have the energy to push records or get spins or your ass on the cover of XXL’s “Freshman Class” we wouldn’t want to fuck with him either.

But in addressing that I know that I want to put Sounds Familiar Records back. Whatever it’ll become it’ll be done with the same care and generous dedication to the soul of any musician that opted studio time over groceries. I’m working on putting material out. Working with the talented people I know and as of now I want to start anew. Even if I have to go the K.R.I.T. road and give shit away, I know one thing: The world, and my world, is a better place when I create. So, you may think an artist is doing you a favor by making music, but the pleasure is all ours. To everyone that’s ever come to a show for me, one of the artists I work with, downloaded illegally or legally or hated or loved a record, I humbly thank you. I love you all (no homo). 2012, let’s get it. June 15, 2012 3:28am

-Preach Jacobs, CEO-Sounds Familiar Records