It’s a new year and new music is coming for Sounds Familiar Records. I will try to keep from copying and pasting stuff from his bio on his site (that you can check out HERE), instead I’d rather give the Virginia soul singer his just due by letting you peep what he does best….sing his arse off. You can check out new music from his latest project Songs from the Internet and be sure to cop it either from his Bandcamp and even his iTUNES page. Below you can check out some music and visuals from the project and trust that we’re working on a project for Sounds Familiar coming soon (new music prolly sooner than y’all think). Be ready as we are getting shows on locked. Show this brother some support and enjoy the music. You’re welcome.


TRIBEThis appears to be the summer of Sounds Familiar Records as we have yet another artist to add to the roster of some of the most talented indie artists out there. Hailing from Brooklyn, Tribe Of Wolves is a combination of things that don’t suck. Including influences of hip-hop, soul, chillwave and other elements deemed worth exploring. The Youth project is coming 2015 to Sounds Familiar Records. But so you can get familiar, check out songs from the ep Desert Wasteland EP. Enjoy.

bannerOrigDownload the new single from OXYxMORON from their upcoming album Souf Cak coming later this summer. They will be shooting a video soon (we will give you details if you wanna be apart of it and in the Columbia,SC area). Enjoy.





Doesn’t take long for OXYxMORON to start promo on their new single from upcoming Souf Cack album. Check it out tomorrow to preview the new joint “You Don’t Know”. Keep you posted. Also, while we’re at it, check em out at Mo’ Betta Soul in Columbia, SC August 7th at the First Citizens Cafe. Peep the flyer below.

mo_betta aug


OXYxMORON is a South Carolina based crew that understands the issues that come with making hip-hop in the Palmetto state. Lucky for us that doesn’t discourage them. The group has been featured on every hip-hop blog you can imagine (well deserved) and their project The Woods has been met with critical acclaim. You can download it now HERE. Tour dates with them and the Analog project coming soon (flyers are coming). We’re thrilled to be working with such a dope group. Sounds Familiar is hoping that SC gets the credit we deserve. Keep on the lookout for their new project Souf Cack coming late Summer/Early Fall 2014. We will keep you posted. Until then, check out their video for “The Woods”. You’re welcome.

It’s been a crazy few years recording this Analog project. If you haven’t peeped the video for “Baptized” peep it here. If you want to catch us on the road, here’s a few spot dates (more coming). Video after the dates.

Analog Show Dates
6/13/14 The Mammal Gallery (Atlanta, GA) w/ Secret B-Sides & Stahhr
6/21/14 Black Sheep (Charlotte, NC) w/ Open Mike Night
7/21-7/23/14 Comic Con (San Diego, CA)
7/24/14 TBA (Los Angeles, CA)
8/8/14 Snug Harbor (Charlotte, NC)
8/16/14 Inwood Local (New York, NY)
8/23/14 Bourbon (Columbia, SC)
8/24/14 Mood’s Music (Atlanta, GA)
8/29/14 ISIS Music Hall (Asheville, NC) w/ Secret B-Sides

Check out the video below. Also, thanks to Okayplayer for showing us some love.

I’m sorry it’s been a long arse time since you all heard from me but I’ve been working. On what you ask? Well, outside of trying to get out of debt, climb out of depression and get my scotch drinking (and porn habits) to a manageable level, I’ve been working on the latest Analog project (you can check the “Baptized” video here). Well, until the new project comes out we are re-issuing some stuff on Sounds Familiar Records. Including the digital re-issue (and limited physical copies) of the “Rebel Radio” project by Preach Jacobs & Katrah-Quey. We are also using the alternative artwork that artist Infamous Jean-Claude did. Here’s a looksie at it here. Also, if you want to peep the video we put out for this (when I had hair) check it after the jump.

Imagewe are excited to have a new song from the analog project arrow of god coming this summer. enjoy the video. i’m so happy to have my family in this and can’t wait for you to check it out. peace and napz.

The final week of Long Hot Summer is close to home. South Carolina emcee Author Penzwell (a.k.a T-Coke) gives the first offering from his upcoming project coming soon on Sounds Familiar Records. Production by Dose of Analog. Enjoy.

Producer and creator of Thelonious Wonderful, Jah-Freedom, produces a special track “The LOVEinus” for an Infamous Jean-Claude solo artshow titled ‘Pops Slept/She Followed: Times’s Remedy’. Infamous also was the genius behind the “Long Hot Summer” artwork. Check his stuff out here. Jah-Freedom will release a remix project on Sounds Familiar Records this fall. Enjoy.

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